Colin H.A. Sprake is a heart-centered Business Sherpa, author, speaker, trainer and creator of The Ultimate Business Success System…with SOUL!, a 7-Step System to six figures in profits or more, in 12 months or less.
A South African native and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building multiple million dollar businesses globally in various industries and economies, Colin founded Make Your Mark Training & Consulting in 2004 with a passion to assist entrepreneurs to realize their full revenue and profit potential and do it with heart, making a positive impression on those their business impacts: staff, colleagues, vendors, families, and the community.Colin has built Make Your Mark Training on the core values of trust, respect for the individual, unconditional gratitude, integrity, openness to possibilities and commitment to excellence. He also places people above profits.

Colin’s conscious business philosophy coupled with his results-driven business success system of live events, group accountability programs and online trainings have created a vibrant, mutually supportive 40,000+ community of entrepreneurs across Canada. Duplication and expansion are currently underway for Make Your Mark in Dallas, Seattle and beyond with more cities in Canada to add.

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