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I believe that your thoughts completely control your destiny in every aspect of your life. Thoughts are also energy whether conscious or sub-conscious and what you put “out there” will show up in your life. This is very much along the lines of the secret and the law of attraction.

There are some things that are so ingrained in us from childhood, whether it be the habits we received from our parents, siblings, etc. or just key experiences that have shaped who we are today. There are many life experiences as a child that dramatically impact who you are as an adult and how you approach things, even as an entrepreneur. We do cover a lot of this at our Business Mastery – Power in YOU! seminar and will be writing an entire book on the topic in the future.

Your thoughts completely dictate what is showing up in your life right now! At the Business Mastery 1 – Power in YOU! event we train people to be extremely self-aware and self-observant in what you say and what you think about the most.

I hear thousands of different life impacting statements every single day that are hindering people from achieving the success they deserve, and the sad part is most people do not even realize that they are doing it.

Here are a few key examples:

  1. I am not good at that.
  2. It’s tough in our industry right now!
  3. I cannot remember names.
  4. I hate looking at my numbers.
  5. People never return my phone calls.
  6. I am not good at doing videos.
  7. It’s hard to find profitable clients.
  8. Our business is seasonal and we are slow in…
  9. The economy has changed.
  10. I don’t like sales or selling.
  11. I keep on getting tough clients!
  12. I don’t have the success formula.
  13. What you teach does not work in my industry.

It’s very simple, until you start reframing these statements you will continue to attract them into your life and business and will keep achieving the same results. Because your mind does not know right from wrong, it will just give you what you say and think about most.

If you say you cannot remember names, guess what, you will never be able to remember names because you keep on reinforcing your mind to think you cannot remember names, every time you say it. The more you say self-defeating statements the more you ingrain them into your being.

There are simple steps you can take to improve the situation and the most important is being self-aware and catching yourself saying or thinking statements that are self-defeating and not enhancing or adding to your life or your business.

When you catch yourself doing it you cannot just switch them automatically and go from one extreme to the other, by saying I am great at remembering names, because your mind will sub-consciously say “bull shitter” and you will revert back to your common belief.

What you need to say is “I am in the process of remembering all names”. Your sub-conscious mind can accept this as it is plausible and the more you say it the more you will believe it, and the better you will become at remembering names.

Now, you can use this in every aspect of your life and business. The more self-aware and self-observant you become about what you are saying and thinking about the more you will increase the success in your own life.

If you are continually thinking about the debt you have or the lack of results, guess what they will continue to show up! You have to really start to reprogram yourself and get into new supportive success statements in all areas of your life.

Be careful though as you do not want to focus on what you don’t want. If you keep on having difficult clients, rather than saying I am finding fewer difficult clients, say I have amazing money making clients coming my way. If you say I am finding fewer difficult clients, your brain is still focused on the difficult clients and they will continue to show-up. In the movie the secret this is clearly explained by the late Mother Theresa who always said she would go to a peace rally but never an anti-war rally – if you focus on anti-war you get war! What you resist persists!

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Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!
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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH EVENT IS COMING! http://events.mymsuccess.com/a/quadruple_your_sales

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The 7 - Strategies To Grow Your Business To Massive Success

The 7 – Strategies To Grow Your Business To Massive Success

There is a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.
There is no such thing as failure, unless it is accepted as such. Every defeat is temporary unless you give up and allow it to become permanent. In fact, temporary defeat often makes us stronger and more capable. Each time we try and fail, we learn something that helps prepare us for eventual success. Only in the classroom is there a single correct answer for every problem. If you try an approach that doesn’t work, try something else. When you view adversity as nothing more than a learning experience, your successes in life will far outnumber your failures. 

There is harmony throughout the universe in everything except human relationships.
Our universe is characterized by order and harmony, yet we human beings must constantly struggle to achieve the same characteristics in our relationships. In fact, human beings seem to find it unnatural to cooperate with others. Successful individuals are those who have learned to swim against the current, to do the things that others refuse to do. They have learned how to work together for the benefit of the entire group. Achieving harmony in any relationship — business, personal, or professional — requires work. Take comfort in the fact that you’ll accomplish far more working with others than working against them. Demonstrate that you care about all the members of your team.