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When you ask another person to do something, it may help both him and you if you tell him what to do, why he should do it, when he should do it, where he should do it, and how he may best do it.
We are all influenced by our background and experience. We perceive instructions in the context of our education, experience, heritage, the culture of our organization, and a number of other variables. Good managers know this, and they make sure that their instructions are clear, concise, and well understood. They also know that they must walk a fine line between conveying adequate instructions and killing workers’ incentive by not allowing them sufficient latitude to do their jobs. You may strike the right balance between instruction and motivation by encouraging employees to participate in setting objectives for themselves and their teams, by helping them develop plans for achieving their goals, and by making sure that each individual clearly understands the team’s mission and his or her role in achieving it. Suggest that team members check in occasionally to report their progress, then get out of their way and cheer them on to victory. 


Mastermind group

Who is in your mastermind group in your life that have the same principles as you. It may be your wife or near and dear friend that you spend a lot time with. This principle of having a mastermind group will create your life’s purpose with this simple thought. 

If you are surrounded by people that have a different life purpose than you, this is something that you can think about changing within your life now, to create change within you. 

Looking for a place to hide in a land 4000 miles from home with thoughts of escaping from my responsibilities as a father.

As the story unfolds with thoughts of running away into a dark hole where no one can find me crying. The day after I arrived I started to feel attack from the women that I thought was my wife. This was a forgotten time in my life whereby people wanted me to be something that I wasn’t. I looked upon my baby boy’s eyes with joy in my heart but when I turn around there she was starring right throw me with those angry eyes. These thought brought memories flashbacks throw my body that created a flight to run away from my pains in my head. Run away I was thinking run away I thought, but looking into my sons eyes was holding me back from escaping my reality that was life it self.

The story had a beginning that is so real to me CLIK LINK to see what happen before.

To sign up to fix your toxic relationship before you get divorced.

What if you had a secret that could change the world

Can your thoughts change your reality?

Why do we get sad or mad in our lives?

Do Our words create our reality in our lives?

What is the truth?

Do you think people are hurting you?

Do you want to change your thoughts?

Do you want to be happy?

Who can change your life?

“The only person that can change your life is yourself”

“That is my thoughts for today and forever”

My thoughts are creating my future reality every moment of life!!!