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When you sell from the heart and create authentic connections, you achieve amazing results. Colin Sprake takes you through how to ensure you open before you close and build strong powerful relationships with your clients for life. Selling is only bad when you don’t include heart! Learn more about Colin Sprake and Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc. by visiting them at: http://www.MYMSuccess.com http://www.FaceBook.com/MYMSuccess Register for one of our evenings at http://events.mymsuccess.com/a/rockstar_biz_event Visit one of our business groups: http://www.BESTMindsets.com Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc. specializes in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve maximum profit, time-off and heart in their businesses. All Sales, Marketing and Business Courses, and 1-on-1 programs have been developed to ensure you achieve the desired results in your business. 1,000s have achieved extreme results using our systems and processes. All the business systems and processes are fully developed from life experiences – Colin Sprake does not teach or promote anything he does not do or use himself! His business, sales and marketing trainings all come from in the trenches life experiences. He is by far the best Business Transformation Specialist in the industry today – especially with his big focus on heart and soul in business! His students absolutely love his energy and authentic connection!

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Learn To Unlock Your Inner Potential!! It Maybe Time To Let Go Of Your Limiting Beliefs, That Are Stopping You From Achieving Your Success…

How Beliefs Are Impacting Your Business

What are foundational beliefs?

They are BELIEFS that make up who we are as human-beings, because what you have to realize is that BELIEFS are what drive us forward or hold us back. We can draw so many conclusions from our belief systems – simply, we can leave a voice mail for a client and they do not return the call – our belief around the situation might be that the client is not interested or does not want to talk with us!

Yet, until you clarify and verify the belief, it is just a belief! That you consider to be right! In fact, you may even defend the belief not even knowing the truth… we sure are complicated beings!

Many people are busy and often forget to call back, maybe somebody takes the message and does not give it to them or possibly technology fails (yes, it does sometimes) and they just don’t get the message – how do you know the truth? When you finally connect and ask, which is verifying and clarifying your belief.

Are your beliefs holding you back in your business? Hopefully, that will get you thinking about all areas of your business and how your beliefs could be impacting your profitability and growth.

Now lets bring in the next level of understanding of beliefs. You cannot think success and feel failure! You have to have the feelings in your body in line with your thoughts. This is why some people never get what they want, because they are thinking positive and wanting huge success, yet deep down their foundational beliefs never believe it will happen or that once they obtain success they will become an ugly person or arrogant or even lose everything.

You have to have your feelings in line with your thoughts to maximize results!

This is in every area of your life… not just in business.

You cannot feel broke and think rich… sadly, you will always be broke!

Bottom line is… you have to change your programming to change your feelings to change your thoughts to achieve massive abundance in all areas of your LIFE!

Author: Colin Sprake is the CEO of Make Your Mark, a Canadian company of live seminars, online entrepreneur academy and live accountability groups that have helped 10,000’s of Entrepreneurs achieve rapid results in small business growth and development. Colin is a best-selling author of ‘Entrepreneur Success Recipe’ and trains for BMO, Sun Life Financial, Scotia Bank, T.D. Bank and lives by the tagline Business With Soul – putting heart back into business!

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You can find out how come your business hasn’t grown much!



Colin will share the most powerful techniques he has seen propel CEOs, world-class athletes, celebrities and everyday people around the world to levels of personal success and achievement they could have only dreamed about.

Mastering Your Business For Maximum Profit & Success is a packed 2hr workshop designed to teach you the proven, step-by-step success strategies to that will dramatically improve your life and career!

Get the Tools and Teaching You Need to Apply Colin’s Proven Success Principles in Your Life and:

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• Reach your full potential – and MORE!

You deserve to have, and be, exactly what you want – let Colin Sprake help you get there!

If you never worked with Colin in person before, you will be blown away by the experience – and if you have attended one of Colin’s live events, you will love this opportunity to reconnect with his teachings and reinforce your priorities and commitment to your dreams.

Come prepared to learn, explore, and discover a life of possibility. You will leave this workshop with strategies you can immediately put into place in your life!

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If you call on your friends only when you need something, you will soon find yourself without friends.

There is a great deal of wisdom in the old saw, “If you want friends, be a friend.” Friendship means giving without expecting anything in return. Busy, successful people are not searching for new friends. If you want to be their friend, you must make the effort to befriend them. Let them know that you are interested in them as people, not in what they can do for you, and you may find that you have made a true and loyal friend. N.HILL #ThinkAndGrowRich

A Napoleon Hill Thought…

There are many things you cannot control, but you can control the only things that really matter: your mind and your attitude. External forces have very little to do with success. Those who program themselves for success find a way to succeed even in the most difficult of circumstances. Solutions to most problems come from one source and one source alone: yourself. Living life to the fullest is a lot like shooting the rapids in a rubber raft. Once you’ve made the commitment, it’s difficult to change your mind, turn around, and paddle upstream to placid waters. But it’s the excitement and adventure that make it all worthwhile. If you never make the attempt, you may never know the depths of despair, but neither will you experience the exhilaration of success. 

Examine most carefully the things you desire most.
Far too many people spend more time planning their weekends than their lives. Then they suddenly realize that life has passed them by and they weren’t even aware it was happening. When you intently study what you most desire in life, you begin to focus your mind and concentrate your energy upon that which you wish to achieve. One of the great advantages of having a definite goal for your life is that it helps you prioritize your activities. When your major purpose is clear in your mind, it is unnecessary to analyze each individual situation. You know automatically whether your actions will move you toward your goal or away from it. You can then use all of your resources — time, money, and energy — to best advantage. 


There is a word that we use in our lives and that is “STRESS” What is stress?

The dictionary says it is pressure or tension on a material object or a state of mental or emotional strain on our minds and or bodies.

People say at times with emphasis “I AM SO STRESS OUT RIGHT NOW” why do we let stress get the better of us because we allow it to effect us in a negative way by just saying the I am stress out load.

We only think what we believe it to be true in life. If you believe you are stress out then you will.

This is the “LAW OF THE UNIVERSE” what you think is what happens in your life.

Learn from yourself what stresses you out and create a method that can clear your mind of all the stressful setpoints in your life.

For example go for a walk and see what is in front of you not what is following you and weighing you down.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of your happiness places that you can create with your imagination.

These are tools that we have built into our makeup of our subconscious mind.