Make Your Mark

Learn The 7-Vital Business Steps To Maximize Sales & Profit Growth

Make 2018 Your Year of Greatness!

Connect with the Highest Vision of Your Potential and Turn Your Dreams to Reality…

You’ve got big dreams and ambitions. Now, it’s time to start acting on them while taking your life to a whole new level.

I continually ask business owners the same exact questions I’m about to ask you:

Are you where you want to be?

Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now?

Are you enjoying the lifestyle, travel, weekends and leisure pursuits you’ve always dreamed of?

Is your career or business fulfilling?

Are your relationships as deep, rewarding, and meaningful as they could be?

If not, I’d like to challenge you to up-level every single aspect of your life, career, and lifestyle, 


Learn to prioritize what really matters and gain the clarity necessary to achieve more in your business life with “Make Your Mark”!!

Live The Life That You Always Wanted And Deserve!!

Upcoming Business Workshop Events

Vancouver Area:

Dates: September 25th

Time: 7pm-9pm


Calgary Area:

Dates: September 27th

Times: 12pm-2pm

Toronto Area:

Dates: October19th

Date: November 21st

Time: 12pm-2pm & 7pm-9pm


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Want to discover some of the most valuable strategies and powerful tools that create profound and lasting change in yourself and in the people you are able to serve?

My question to you is, are you concerned with the lack of money in your bank account?

What if you could live life without thinking about your financial future, is that something you would be fired up about!

Do you believe that you can have everything you want in life!

For example more money, time and financial freedom in your life and business.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to receive this in your life?

Do you want this?

To receive this in your life, it take one thing…

Commitment, action & drive for success!!

My question to you is, are you committed to take a action plan that it desires to get what you want or deserve…

To know how to create this is your business or life press this link and follow the instructions for your complementary tickets for our upcoming event.

Make the money you want & have the time off you desire!

Because you work hard and deserve it.
94% of business owners fail in their first 2 years and this does not have to be the case! The failure rate for businesses is high because people generally don’t get the training or education they need, prior to starting a business, to understand how to generate leads, make sales, build a thriving team, and manage their money properly so that they generate a profit and ultimately succeed.

Ten years ago, and after 30 years of business experience, the game-changer 7-Step Business Sherpa System™ was created to take start-up and seasoned business owners on a journey to achieving the massive success they want, earning the money they want, and taking the time off that they deserve.

Those who have plugged in and followed the system have achieved astonishing results. Most of all, they have achieved personal and professional success simultaneously.

If you are driven, open, heart-centered, giving, results-focused, an implementer, have integrity, and are committed then you are a perfect fit for the Business Sherpa System™.

How I take businesses which haven’t budged for years and transform them into revenue machines in a matter of months.

Using These Skills:

Marketing & Sales – learn how to generate more sales, work with better clients and charge higher prices for your products and services.

Innovation – how to refresh what you offer to the market and find new markets for your existing products.

Systems – if you�re going to double, triple (or more) your business then you need the right systems in place so you can spend less time doing the mundane, routine tasks and more time doing what you’re going to learn here at this evening workshop.

Mindset – learn how to replace the negative thoughts in your head with the supporting mindset tools that make you resilient.

Accurate Thinking – once you learn how to clear the emotional fog, your next steps become crystal clear. Learn how to get ahead of your competitors, access brand new markets and open up new revenue centres!!
To learn more about how to create this in your life.
“Business Trainer Colin Sprake Reveals How To Grow Your Business By Using His Proven Business Growth Strategies”

In our events you will learn these strategies to maximize profits & sales


Satisfied employees who work in a pleasant environment with people they like and respect stick with their jobs longer and are generally more productive than those working in a company culture of secrecy and fear. An effective strategic plan includes creating a culture that provides individual challenges and opportunities for growth, increases morale and gives employees opportunities for fun and relaxation to reward their achievements.


Sometimes growth just happens, but if you’re not prepared it can be lethal. Planned growth on the other hand allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your resources, financial backing and customer service requirements. If your objective is growth, include specific details on how you will handle it when it comes.


A key component to bringing it all together is your management team. Effective managers instill the company strategic objectives in employees and consistently monitor results. They make changes where necessary when various benchmarks indicate a need for a new direction.


To be successful as you grow, you need reliable staff and talented employees to support your strategic efforts. During the strategic planning process, you should evaluate your current staff and what additional employees could help you further your objectives. Review pay scales to increase retention and reduce hiring costs.


To remain solvent and legal, you must follow various local, state and federal regulations. Strategic objectives take into account the various permits, licenses, fees and taxes you must include in your financial planning directives and managerial compliance duties.


While you create future goals and objectives, you also must insert benchmarks in your planning so that you’ll know when you’ve reached certain objectives and when you are falling short of others. Effective strategic planning includes a set of timelines and measuring sticks to determine whether you are hitting your marks.


A successful business uses its resources effectively. A top priority in strategic business planning is to review your resource allocations to make sure you’ve got important areas covered and you aren’t throwing money at non-productive people and processes.

Define Your Value

Define what makes your company more valuable than your competitors. The objective is to set yourself apart from the competitors by defining those qualities, services and products that drive all future marketing campaigns.

Target Audience

You need to clearly define your target market. Knowing who your customers are and what drives their purchases allows you to refine your products and services to meet those needs. Surveys, questionnaires and sales reports can help you narrow this objective.


Profits clearly drive small business and one of the most important business objectives is to turn a profit. In the strategic planning process, you need to determine what is an acceptable profit margin. With that number in mind, it’s easier to create the rest of your objectives.

2-Hour Business Success Workshop

Learn the vital steps to maximizing Growth, Sales & Profit.
This 2-hour event is jam-packed with tools and strategies that you can implement in your business immediately. This is not another fluffy “introductory event” like you may have experienced, it’s designed to get you on the right track to maximizing growth, sales and profit.

This is the first step in getting your Business MBA (Mega Bank Account) and you will learn a ton. In fact, we will have a notepad and pen ready for you, so that you can walk away with key nuggets to implement in your business.


3-Day Business Mastery Event

Achieving your deca-million-dollar business mindset.
This is a complete life and business altering event. You will never look back and completely realize what has been holding you back from achieving the massive success that you want in your business. We will walk you through eliminating roadblocks, decimating fears, creating daily wealth success habits, learning how to think like the rich, and mostly how to become an inspired business that people line up to work for and line up to buy your products and services.

The most common statements we hear after this event are, “Where were you 10 years ago?” and “Everyone who owns a business should attend this event!” Simply, it is that powerful!


24-Month Business Sherpa System

Add $120,000 or more in 12 months or less…
Created with over 30 years of business experience, this is the most advanced business system in the world today completely developed by our Founder, Colin Sprake, who has built and sold many successful multi-million dollar businesses… he has climbed the mountain many times. When you plug into the system and start to climb the mountain with us, which comprises of LIVE workshops, Entrepreneur Academy Online and high level accountability groups, you will see dramatic shifts in growth and profitability. Our goal for you is to follow the system and add $120,000 or more to your income in 12 months or less.

The second 12-months are the explosive and controlled growth months to get you to the top of the success mountain and the Pinnacle of Success!


24-Month Life Success System

When you grow personally, your business grows exponentially.
Once you achieve your first “Pinnacle of Success” we prepare you for the next ascent, because through your journey as a business owner you will hit various glass ceilings and wonder why you cannot break through them.

The Life System is expertly designed to work on you, the business owner, to grow you personally so that you can break through the glass ceilings and grow your business exponentially.

Mastering Your Business For Maximum Profit & Success

Mastering Your Business For Maximum Profit & Success

12-Month Legacy Mastermind

Achieving the massive success lifestyle!
This is the highlight and “dream achieved” part of the process where we start to focus on what the future looks like now that you have a massively successful and profitable business. Many business owners have different goals and desires. Our goal for you is to create a dynasty and leave a legacy.

During the 12-months we determine the next steps for you and your business; selling, duplicating, franchising, distributorships, succession planning, white labeling, licensing and more.

This is where you start to maximize the fun and do all the things you love to do outside of running your business; travelling, golfing, going to the spa, spending time with family and friends, etc.

Transformational Leadership Group

Colin Sprake

To Your Success In All That You Do!!

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